Thursday, August 09, 2007


Throughout the whole Barry Bonds homerun saga - which is finally over, thank goodness - all that I kept on hearing was "when Alex Rodriguez breaks the Bonds' homerun record, everyone will forget about Barry Bonds". Sure this may be true, if and when someone breaks Barry Bonds' home run record, Barry Bonds, his surly arrogant attitude and his steroid controversy may just turn in to water under the bridge. This is all if someone does manage to break it.

I have two problems with the fact that everyone is pencilling Rodriguez in to break the record. Sure he is at 500 homeruns and is still in the prime of his career and has many years to play. All he has to do is consistently hit fourty jacks a year for the new few years to break the record right? But if everyone slugger who had hit 500 homeruns and the prime of their career was able to continue to play at the prime and consistently hit fourty plus long bombs, then Hank Aaron's record would not have stood for as long as it did. The fact is, A-Rod may be the player in the best position to break Bonds' records (which now sits at 757) but by no means is he guaranteed to do so.

And why is it that everything will be okay when (and again, by when I mean if) Rodriguez breaks the record? Is it because A-Rod is a charming poster boy who would never do steroids, isn't (too) short with the media and does everything the right way? Putting Jose Canseco's alleged 'stuff' on A-Rod's involvement with steroids aside, can you honestly sit there and tell me that Alex Rodriguez he who was a pretty skinny kid (just like Barry Bonds was) when he entered the league, has bulked up and become the power-hitter that he is without any help?

I think it would be pretty ignorant to think that in an era without drug testing in the MLB more players (especially big names with high expectations) didn't fall in to the trap of using performance enhancing supplements. I'm not saying that Alex Rodriguez did, but he very well could have. Let's just all take a moment to think before we start putting the proverbial halo on A-Rod's head.

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