Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Step in the Right Direction

It is for all intensive purposes common knowledge that most viewers in the Sportsnet Pacific region would rather watch a Canucks pre-season game over anything else that the station can offer. Whether it be the Toronto biased Bob McCown show, Poker After Dark or a Toronto Jays game, who are now back over the .500 mark thanks to a season-high five game winning streak and a 13-1 shellacking over the Minnesota Twins last night, just incase you were wondering.

Early this week, Sportsnet Pacific in correlation with the Vancouver Canucks announced that two of Vancouver’s eight exhibition games will be televised live come this September. The newly born Canucks TV will broadcast Vancouver’s fourth pre-season game against Joe Thornton and the San Jose Sharks, along with their eighth and final game against Northwest Division rival Edmonton Oilers.

The dedicated Canucks fan will now only be required to sit glued to his radio or computer screen for six games, trying to re-create Shorty’s vivid play-by-play in his mind. Michael Grabner’s blazing speed or one of Luc Bourdon’s notorious bone-crushing hits will now become a reality, rather than a figment of your imagination. We Canucks fans will no longer have to rely on hearsay or subjective reports on the performance of our players, because just as Shakira’s hips, the camera “don’t lie” (I just had to get that one in there).

As I bring this blog post to an end, I realize that I am in all probability making a much bigger deal out of this than it really is. I’m sure many of you even question if this merits a Press Box Blog post at all, but I represent Canuck nation when I say that this is definitely a step in the right direction for Sportsnet and the Canucks. Or at least I think I do. At any rate, hopefully it won’t be long before watching a Canucks pre-season game will become regularity on the SPAC.

I guess this is why they call them the dog days of summer.

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